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What are the essential steps needed to create an interior design project, so that it will meet the client’s expectations and will turn out the way it was designed? And how we work to achieve the best results?

Here we share our processes and provide you with insights and details on how we work and what are the main steps of an Interior Design Project from idea to reality.

ideas into reality

Turning your ideas into reality

We are design experts providing professional, effective and innovative solutions for all your Interior & Exterior Design projects. In all services that we offer, we put our clients as our top priority with our main aim being turning their ideas and imagination into real design projects that will perfectly match their taste and reflect their personality.




The first step of the project is taking all the necessary measurements of the space in question, with all the architectural and design features.

An accurate recording saves future errors, both in the design phase and in its implementation.

We prepare drawings, in which we discuss further distribution and the individual needs of each client.

We analyze examples of different styles, color decisions and we discuss all the client’s requirements and preferences.


Based on the desires and requirements of the client, we prepare several options for layout and furniture.

A detailed examination of the layout options is needed to determine which of them is most suitable.

In this way we achieve a balance between optimal use of space and customer requirements.

Once we have an approved version, we launch the project phase.


To clarify the final vision of the project, we develop photo realistic three-dimensional visualisation of the premises.

Through the 3D visualisation,  the client obtains a complete picture of how the space will look in its finished state.

We can make changes of the design and thus to reach the most appropriate vision for it.

Once the client is fully satisfied with the design (conceptual design), we start developing the working project.


Supervision provides the client with an assurance that the project will be developed as close to the design specifications as possible.

We closely monitor each step of the implementation and make timely decisions when changes are needed. We select the right colors and shades and explain everything necessary to craftsmen. We constantly stay in touch with everyone involved in the process to ensure clear communication.

This ensures that the implementation of the project goes as specified.

Detailed Design

In this section we prepare everything necessary for the realization of the approved design.

The detailed design includes the necessary drawings for craftsmen, furniture makers, contractors and others. We work with screened companies that prepare price offers for everything necessary. If the customer prefers other suppliers and subcontractors, we are ready to work with them.

Working project includes plans for lighting (for all lighting positions and their respective switches), electricity (all outlets and connections for them), plumbing, drywall details, plan pavement, plan soffit (ceiling), unfolds of more specific walls and details.

The project includes all drawings for custom furniture. For everything ready-to-buy, we prepare specification. in addition we prepare price offers for furniture, construction work, as well as prices for all other details and products.

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