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About Di Concept Design

Di Concept Design is a company for interior design and complete realisation of residential and public spaces. Our success is built on professionalism, high standards of work and innovative thinking. We are proud of the trust between us and our clients, the results of precision in every phase of the design and responsible approach to every detail of the implementation of our projects. We take care of all aspects of the interior, combining aesthetics and functionality in lighting, furniture selection of shapes, colours and materials to achieve comfort, convenience and efficiency in the surrounding space.

Exterior Design

Exterior design is an important part of our surrounding world. We believe that through good exterior we can enhance and beautify the cityscape.

Interior Design

The interior design for us is the feeling, life, comfort, class and all that a space can awaken in a person. We strive to make every idea, every dream a reality.

Public & Commercial Design

Public design should make people feel the vibe and character of the place, inspire them and make them come back again.

Interior design, Architecture and Construction

Our Philosophy

We perceive the interior design as a feeling, life, comfort, class and all that a space can awaken in a person. We strive to make every idea, every dream a reality. Contemporary design is perfect when you can feel it and embrace it with all your senses. It should inspire you, touch you and make you feel extraordinary, out of the reality. We believe that it is important for the person of our time to be different, innovative and comfortable in their home. With every project, we strive to create a new worldview for everyone, based on the perceptions and views of our clients.



“We would like to thank you for the top quality design that you did for us as well as for your personal attitude and the execution of the project. Very professional team. Thank you once again.”


“Thank you for the concept and for the project that you designed for us. We can’t wait to implement it.”

Baci Launge Bar & Dinner

“You exceeded our expectations with the design and the implementation of the project. We were dreaming for this project but we couldn’t visualise and make it on our own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are one of a kind professionals.”

T. D.

Let’s Build Something

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